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This trading platform (Kraken) began to function in 2022 after the closure of Hydra. All its disadvantages were taken into account, now it is not possible for third parties to close the Kraken website. The fact is that the data is not stored on one server, but is located all over the globe. This makes it possible to work on an ongoing basis, unlike Hydra. Using the TOR browser, the site is safe for all participants in transactions. This situation makes the desire to buy goods on this marketplace even more.

At first, many people are surprised by the simplicity of the Kraken onion website and its conciseness. But having understood its work, it becomes clear to users that this is its huge plus. A person calmly makes his purchases without annoying advertisements and other things. Dispute is also open here to resolve disagreements and misunderstandings.
A buyer on Kraken can be one hundred percent sure that if he is right and has a large evidence base, then the arbitrators will take his side and undoubtedly reimburse him for commodity means. The seller, in turn, will be punished to the fullest extent of the rules of the kraken. If the buyer decides to deceive the store, then honest arbitration will not allow this to happen. KRAKEN always fights for justice and takes care of its reputation.